Ffs you know what.. I am getting so sick of not being able to sleep.

Body please just shut off..


got my new binder in the mail today so perfect timing like damn
it’s really really really comfortable like holy crap the difference is night and day between my tank top binder and this one
it’s the underworks tri top binder
it breathes really well and so far the only issues i’ve had with it is that it’s itchy every once and a while but i’m sure it’ll be ok after i break it in


Okay. Wow. I NEED to post these and tell you guys how amazing the Underworks 997 is. Because WOW.

I always heard that this binder is the best one for bigger chested people and that it takes you down the most, but I was a little unsure about my sort of ‘in-between’ size. I’m a 28GG, so I have a really small ribcage and when it comes to binding, I usually can only do so much. But wow. WOW.

It’s super comfortable and snug, not hard to breathe in at all. I have a really small waist and I was afraid of it rolling, but honestly I don’t feel a lot of sliding with it when I move around. I think if you tucked the bottom into your jeans or briefs, it would stay nice and snug in place.

All around, FIVE STARS.